There is a reason why cycling is one of the fastest-growing sport in Slovenia. Endless roads and trails, astonishing views with the wind in your hair, peace and nature all around. Whether you are an experienced cyclist searching for the best single-trails or you have never sat on a bike before – there are numerous trails and roads you can explore in Slovenia. We can take you on routes through quiet forests, across endless fields, on panoramic trails overlooking the highest mountains in Slovenia. You can take a spin through a nearby town, take a rest by a river or climb the highest hill around. There are numerous options in the region to do a cycling tour that suits you most, from relaxed panoramic roads to best technical ascents, choosing the cycling route length according to your wish.

While cycling is Slovenia is great, having an electric mountain bike under your legs is a game changer! There is no hill too steep for you anymore. It rides exactly like a conventional bike but when you pedal, it gives more power relatively to you. It means that now a group of cyclists of a different fitness level can cycle and enjoy a cycle tour together. It means that now you can look forward to the ascents too and that there is no terrain out of reach anymore. It can be virtually effortless if you want to, but it can also be a great challenge if you are up to it. The choice is yours, the gravity doesn’t make all the rules anymore.

Cycling in Slovenia Biking in the forrest

While cycling is a sport, it is also a journey. There is no better way to move through nature and experience Slovenia environment than on a bike.  You feel every meter of the surface beneath you, you have complete focus on your surroundings while you make great distances.

Go on a journey with us and make it an unforgettable experience! Check our Cycling holidays or our Hiking & Cycling package.

Private guided cycling tours in Slovenia

All our cycling tours are privately guided by a skilled professional guide. We tailor cycling tours according to your wishes, ambitions, and skills. To provide the best service our groups are small, 2-5 people per guide. According to your wish, we can split a group in two and/or provide an additional guide.

The price of our guided cycling tour is 100€ per person.

The price includes the rent of a high-performance electric mountain bike, a helmet, and a guiding service. Upon a customer’s wish, we can include lunch, sightseeing, visit a nearby town, beach…

Cycling tours start in Škofja Loka at the main bus station, if not arranged differently.

Cycling in Slovenia Biking in the forrest


We believe smaller groups leads to better experience and we want to make sure that everybody gets the most out of cycling tour, so on every tour is maximum 5 people/cycling guide. If you are a larger group, please let us know in advance, so we can arrange cycling tour regarding your wishes, ambitions and skills.

May/June and September/October. Why? Good weather conditions (perfect temperature), colours, clear sky, good views, very quiet and best of all – this is the off season time for the tourists.

Every cycling tour is planed and organised by our professional mountain biking guide, who will make sure that you will have the best possible experience.

On every cycling tour we make a stop at a local restaurant where you can try different Slovenian cousine or just stop for a quick break and a coffee. But It is recommended for you to have some power bars and water bottle with you (you can refill it with fresh tap drinking water everywhere in Slovenia).

Since cycling is an outdoor activity, we suggest you to take comfortable outdoor sport clothes (sport shoes, short or long hiking/cycling pants, t-shirt, wind jacket, sunglasses and sun cream). If you have a small hiking/cycling backpack, take It with you so you can take all the necessary equipment with you.

First, we will let you know if there is a bad weather forecast for this exact day. If yes, then we will try to go to a different part of Slovenia (the coast, the east or the south of Slovenia) and do the cycling tour there. Every place is not more than an hour away from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana and usually (especially summer) has more stable weather conditions. And last, YES you can cancel your cycling tour and get a full refund if you do not want the second option or the weather conditions are to bad for cycling.

You can either pay with cash or card (Mastercard, Visa, Apple pay etc.). Also there is an option for a bank transfer, but you should let us know in advance.