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Best cycling tours in Slovenia

Few sports give you as much as cycling does. Transforming your energy into travelling, just slow enough to enjoy every bit of the surroundings, but fast enough for the surroundings to change often. And the surroundings in Slovenia really do change often.

HourAway Best cyclying tours in Slovenia Cycling in Kranjska Gora

Cycling in Kranjska Gora

From the Alps to the sea, there are cycling tours for everybody. Easy strolls on the coast, picturesque roads through the vineyards and jaw-dropping views of the mountains. Here are some of the best cycling tours Slovenia has to offer, less than an hour away from the capital, Ljubljana:

1. Cycling over Ljubljana hills

You may have heard that in Slovenia on almost every hill there is a church. St. Jakob is no exception and is probably one of the cutest church-on-a-hill sceneries in the country.

Minutes from Ljubljana, the area of Polhograjsko hribovje offers unspoiled nature, perfect gravel roads and views for miles. From the top of Sv. Jakob, you will be able to see Ljubljana like on the palm of your hand, the highest peaks of Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Karawanks and Julian Alps, with Triglav in the middle.

HourAway Best cycling tours in Slovenia St.Jakob Church

St. Jakob church

2. Slovenian coast and Parenzana cycling trail

As you may have heard, Slovenia is among the most sustainable countries in the world. A big part of that is recycling, but did you know that we recycle old railways too? That’s right, an old railway makes an excellent cycling path! Easy going, traffic-less and full of memories, it will lead us from Koper along the coast of Slovenia, through tunnels and coastal agriculture areas, all the way to Croatia. Cycling along this path is a special experience, where you get the taste of unspoiled Istrian nature, Mediterranean cities and local cuisine.

HourAway Best cycling tours in Slovenia Slovenian Coast and Parenzana Cycling Trail

Slovenian Coast and Parenzana Cycling Trail

If you only have one day to discover all the beauties of Slovenian coast, you can try just a part of Parenzana cycling trail – from Izola to Secovlje. Don’t forget to visit Piran on the way, smell the sea breeze, pass the mysterious Valeta tunnel, enjoy a stunning view on olive groves and vineyards and finish a day with a swim in warm Adriatic.

3. Cycling among vineyards

Do you think that whole-day cycling is too boring for you? Why don’t you spend a day in one of the Slovenian wine-growing regions, where you can learn about the process of making wine, discover local traditions and enjoy sipping a glass of your favourite wine in an ancient wine cellar. Slovenia has three wine-growing regions: Podravje region, which is well-known for elegant white wine, Posavje region with their famous and unique wine Cvicek, and Primorska region, where wines are joined by olives, cherries and peaches. The idyllic landscape, rolling hills and off-the-beaten-path wineries are just waiting to be discovered – by bike!

HourAway Best cyclying tours in Slovenia Slovenian Tuscany Goriska Brda

Slovenian Tuscany – Goriška Brda

4. Discover stunning caves and cycle under Mount Peca

Do you know that the most beautiful things are hidden under the surface? You have not truly experienced Slovenia until you discover stunning caves and magical underground world. The Cave cycling route in Postojna takes you through the mysterious world of the Karst – from world-famous Postojna Cave, the Cave below Predjama Castle to Pivka and Black Cave.

Slovenia is also home to a very unique and unforgettable experience – underground biking. What is more thrilling than discovering abandoned and mysterious mining tunnels under Mount Peca?

5. Unspoiled nature and turquoise lakes

There is nothing more relaxing than cycling through unspoiled nature, discovering hidden paths and refreshing in turquoise lakes at the end of the day!

HourAway Best cycling tours in Slovenia Zelenci Natural Reserve

Zelenci Natural Reserve

You can try the picturesque Mojstrana – Kranjska Gora cycling trail, which takes you all the way to Italy’s Laghi di Fusine. Imagine riding your bike so close to the magnificent north faces of the giants of Julian Alps that you can almost touch them, yet ride on an almost completely flat surface.

Add an alpine museum of Mojstrana, beautiful Lake Jasna, maybe Planica Nordic centre, definitely Zelenci natural reserve to the bag, and your day will be filled with unforgettable memories.

Cycling is also an active way to discover two Slovenian Alpine pearls: Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj. Take a ride around Lake Bled, which was nominated for one of the seven wonders of the world, visit medieval Bled Castle on the top of a cliff or taste famous Lake Bled cream cake.

HourAway Best cyclying tours in Slovenia Bohinj Lake

Lake Bohinj

Just a few kilometres away from touristy Bled, we can find an oasis of peace and pristine nature in the Julian Alps – Lake Bohinj. The lake lies in the heart of Triglav National Park, surrounded by majestic mountains. You can try Bohinj cycling route, which connects the Lower and the upper Bohinj valley and takes you past natural attractions. You can finish your cycling adventure by sunbathing on the shore of Lake Bohinj or Sava Bohinjka river. A truly unique experience is exploring the mountainous landscape from Bohinj to Bled. Cycle through Triglav National Park and experience Pokljuka Plateau, which is a hidden gem in the middle of alpine nature – traditional farming villages and mountain pastures tucked away from the crowds.

6. Intermittent lake Cerknica

Lake Cerknica is Slovenia’s largest lake, and smallest at the same time. How? Sometimes is full of water, and sometimes there is only grass, no water. Due to Karst phenomena, Slovenia is full of its underground secrets. But on the surface, Lake Cerknica is a unique environment, home to numerous animals and plants. The bike tour circling the lake is peaceful and easy and is best finished in Rakov Škocjan, where you can get a pretty good idea of what is going on underground the area.

HourAway Best cyclying tours in Slovenia Intermittent Lake Cerknica 1
HourAway Best cyclying tours in Slovenia Intermittent Lake Cerknica 2
HourAway Best cyclying tours in Slovenia Intermittent Lake Cerknica 3

If you are still not sure where would you like to cycle in Slovenia or which area is best for you – we will customize the tour especially for you!

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