“With years of experiences in the sport tourism industry, guiding knowledge and personal approach we give customers the reason to become our friends”

Our story

We travelled around the globe, worked in different outdoor sport-related projects and slowly realized we live in Slovenia – the country for outdoor enthusiasts.

When we asked many travellers about Slovenia we got very similar answers, but the most realistic description was: ” Today we are biking on the coast, tomorrow we will do the bike ride over the vineyard region and then we still have enough time to enjoy mountain biking in the Alps.” How? “Because we do not need to drive more than one hour to explore the diversity that the country has to offer.”

And the brand HourAway (your custom holidays) was created.

Who are we?

We are a team of young, qualified, professional sports enthusiasts, specialized in guiding a small group of adventurous nature lovers on mountain biking trips around Slovenia. With the use of electric mountain bikes, there is no such thing as this hill is to steep to climb. Uphill or downhill, to young to use them or old enough to say this is too hard for me, we will do a one day or multi-day bike trip, customized to your wish, ambitions, skills and fitness level. Let us introduce you the diverse Slovenian nature through the eyes of a bike traveller.